Among a flurry of reports leading up to Verizon Wireless’ iPhone 4 announcement earlier this month, a slide leaked suggesting two popular perks would soon be dissolved by the nation’s top carrier. Verizon has since confirmed that as of Sunday, January 16th, its early upgrade policy and its “New Every Two” program have each been discontinued moving forward. New Every Two gave customers up to $100 toward the purchase of a new handset every two years in an effort to promote contract renewals. Similarly, subscribers bound to two-year contracts had been allowed to upgrade their handsets after just one year of service in exchange for signing new two-year agreements. Both perks are now unavailable to new subscribers, and current customers will lose their benefits within 24 months. Those currently enrolled in the New Every Two program will be eligible to receive the related benefit when their contract renews, however they will not be re-enrolled in the program. A similar policy is in effect for subscribers currently eligible or soon to be eligible for early upgrades.

Image source: Eric Hauser