While no specific details are available for the time being, The Wall Street Journal managed to get an interesting morsel out of Verizon Wireless COO John Stratton on Tuesday. We know the nation’s No. 1 carrier has big plans for LTE at the Consumer Electronics Show in two weeks, and the picture will continue to get clearer between now and then. Where 4G smartphones are concerned, it’s now a safe bet that HTC will be represented at the show along with Samsung, and rumors of an LTE-equipped offering from LG have been tossed around as well. Now, we may be able to throw Motorola in the mix. “We’ve got LTE smartphones on the horizon,” Stratton told WSJ. “Motorola will be right there.” The Verizon Wireless exec wouldn’t clarify the timing and neither would Motorola, but it would be a bit odd for Verizon to talk up Motorola’s LTE phone just before a huge 4G push at CES, and then not deliver the goods. After all, “DROID 4G” has a pretty nice ring to it.