Pictured above sandwiched between an iPhone 4 and a Samsung Galaxy S is the previously unseen “LG B.” While details surrounding the “B” are scarce for the time being, the information we can glean from these photos is intriguing, to say the least. First and foremost, this phone is thin. Very thin. In fact, it appears to be significantly thinner than the iPhone 4 — the device Apple constantly touts as being the thinnest smartphone in the world. Moving right along, this Android-powered beauty has a 4-inch display that looks amazingly bright. It’s so bright it makes Apple’s Retina Display and even the Super-AMOLED display on Samsung’s Galaxy S look old and dated. Thinner than an iPhone 4… brighter than a Galaxy S… consider our interest piqued. There’s no word yet on a potential release date or even a launch name for this beauty, but hit the jump for some more shots.