According to a recent survey conducted by market research firm GfK, smartphone owners are not very loyal to their current operating system of choice. In fact, the only manufacturer that shows a notable percentage of loyal users is Apple. The survey showed that overall, 44% of smartphone owners claim to be loyal to the OS they currently use. And of those who intend to remain loyal, only the iPhone saw a significant portion of its users claim loyalty — 59% said they would stay loyal to Apple’s iOS. The next closest operating system, BlackBerry OS, came in at 35%. 28% of Android users said they would remain loyal, along with 24% of Symbian users and 21% of Windows Phone users. Of course, like all surveys of this nature, GfK used a ridiculously small sample in its study. Those surveyed — 2,653 people across Brazil, Germany, Spain, Britain, the United States and China — represent such a small percentage of the total number of smartphone users in the world that it isn’t even worth calculating.