AT&T and Microsoft want to brighten your holidays while simultaneously lightening your pockets, but wise shoppers will likely look elsewhere. AT&T is offering up a free Samsung Focus, HTC Surround or LG Quantum on Black Friday when one of the aforementioned Windows Phones is purchased at full retail, or $199.99. Of course they’re all great phones, but online retailers like Amazon already have that deal beat. AmazonWireless is offering the Focus, Surround and Quantum for $49.99 each and you don’t even have to wait until Friday to order. The retailer also throws free shipping and waived activation fees into the mix. So really, the only reason to go for AT&T’s deal at twice the price of Amazon’s is if the Focus strikes your fancy — Samsung’s WP7 handset is backordered at Amazon and likely won’t start shipping again for a couple of weeks.

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