We’re not sure exactly what’s going on here, but reports started surfacing yesterday evening that some TJ Maxx store locations had Apple’s iPad on sale for $399. Those reports have been confirmed, with the 16GB Wi-Fi model quickly selling out at most TJ Maxx stores with that amazing price. The Twilight music isn’t getting any softer, however, as now Marshall’s stores are also retailing the device for $399. The pricing is lower than authorized Apple retailer’s cost, and no one is sure if the merchandise is coming direct from Apple or somewhere else. The $399 pricing is also much less than Apple’s own site is selling refurbished iPads for at $449. Black Friday blowout? Clearing inventory for the iPad 2 in January / February? Who knows, but $399 for Apple’s 10-inch tablet with no contract is the best deal on the planet, and they sure as heck know that.