The Dell Venue Pro, which became available on Monday, may be affected by a troublesome bug. According to several BGR readers, the new Windows Phone 7 handset from Dell is unable to connect to protected Wi-Fi networks. Affected users report that when they attempt to connect to a secured Wi-Fi network using the standard Wi-Fi utility, they receive the following message: “your phone couldn’t reach the Wi-Fi network”. Users report no such problem when connecting to unprotected wireless networks.

Dell has been contacted for comment and we will update this post with any official statement we receive.

Thanks, David!

UPDATE 1: We’ve now received reports via email that some HTC HD7 devices may be affected as well. This unfortunately could mean that the issue is a WP7 bug that isn’t limited to one particular handset. Microsoft and HTC have been contacted for comment.

UPDATE 2: Several readers have emailed us wondering whether or not hidden Wi-Fi networks are the culprit here. BGR has confirmed that in all cases reported to us directly, users were not attempting to connect to hidden networks. We’ve also gotten word that some Microsoft store locations have acknowledged the problem. One reader even commented that a helpful store in his area swapped out his phone as a result of the bug.

UPDATE 3: On Thursday morning, Dell issued an official response to our report. Dell’s statement doesn’t explain the three confirmed reports BGR has received concerning HD7 units exhibiting similar behavior, but at least Venue Pro owners now know how to handle devices affected by this bug.