That’s right boys and girls — BGR is here live at Samsung’s mobile event in New York City. The stage has been set for the second, more official unveiling of the Continuum Galaxy S handset and we’re waiting at the ready. Sure there have been plenty of Continuumrelated leaks, but things get real tonight, and we’re going to make sure you know everything there is to know as soon as it happens. Hit the jump for our liveblog chocked full of all the Android-powered Samsung action you can handle. And yes… the two Samsung reps you see above are in fact wearing t-shirts that have “Continuum” scrolling across the chest.

6:25PM – Things are getting ready to kick off here. The room is nice and packed full of press and bloggers… and two dudes wearing Android skullies complete with antennae.

6:32PM – CMO for Samsung US Paul Golden came on to kick things off. He’s starting off by highlighting the fact that Samsung has sold 3 million Galaxy S phones so far.

6:35PM – Nick DiCarlo, VP of product planning is on now to introduce the Continuum.

6:37PM – The Continuum is all about speed and delivering the info you need as quickly as possible. Interesting aside — the ticker was inspired by the stock exchange here in New York.

6:38PM – Wow — breaking for a marketing vid already.

6:40PM – The device has seven main ticker functions. First is standby mode, which has basic info. The second is the notifications mode, which includes info on missed calls, emails, etc.

6:41PM – Next up is RSS feeds, a very cool function that scrolls RSS on the Continuum’s ticker.

6:42PM – Fourth up is ticker history, which recaps the history of all recent ticker items.

6:43PM – Fifth is built in VZ Navigator support. Turns and other instructions will pop up on the ticker when VZ Nav is in background mode. And last up is multimedia info (song info, etc).

6:43PM – The Continuum also has a grip sensor — a gentle grip on the side of the phone will wake the ticker but not the main display.

6:44PM – Wowee. That’s it folks… time for some hands on action!