iPhone 3G owners have had a rough time lately. First, they missed out on some of the best new features iOS 4 had to offer. Then, the watered down version of iOS 4 they finally got their hands on slowed performance to a near-crawl in most cases. But don’t worry, iPhone 3G owners, some long overdue good news is finally coming your way… iOS 4.2 will bring much needed performance improvements when it finally reaches consumers. Using the Gold Master build of the software, TiPb was nice enough to give us all an early taste of the new OS version on video. As you can see very clearly, the phone shows marked improvements compared to the latest public OS build. In fact, it’s almost on par with iOS 3 on the iPhone 3G. Hit the jump for the full video and if you’re an iPhone 3G owner, get ready to breathe a sigh of relief.