A new $7,000 report released Monday by research firm Strategy Analytics takes an in-depth look at the hot new tablet PC market. We’ll give you the highlights for free. In the report, SA states that Apple’s iPad owned a mammoth 95.5% of the global tablet market in the third quarter of this year. Android tablets, the second largest group of tablets, made up 2.3% of the market. The report goes on to speculate that the coming onslaught of Android tablets will level the playing field quickly, though consumers have yet to prove that they have any interest in tablet PCs whatsoever. At this point, consumers have only shown an interest in the iPad, albeit an overwhelming interest. No other manufacturer has shown that it has the ability to build a tablet with allure or mass-appeal that comes anywhere close to matching Apple’s offering. The more likely scenario is one that will mimic the path 3D TV is taking — the market will become so flooded with tablet PCs that slow but steady adoption will be inevitable.

[Via Tech Trader Daily]