We can’t even count the number of times we’ve heard someone say, “webOS is great but I wish it was available on some decent hardware.” The PEBL-esque Palm Pre certainly sports a sleek design, but the build leaves much to be desired. When HP acquired the struggling smartphone maker earlier this year, a new hope for solid hardware was born. While Palm’s first post-HP offering won’t be the hardware revamp we’re all waiting for, HP is bound to step up its hardware game next year. WebOS fans might not have to wait that long, however, as several xda-developers forum members have dedicated themselves to a feat that would be nothing short of pure awesomeness — they intend to port webOS to the HTC Hero. The Hero is hardly HTC’s latest and greatest, of course, but in terms of build it’s leaps and bounds beyond the plasticky Palm Pre. We’ll be following the creative xda crew’s progress closely in the coming weeks and months, and we’ve already dusted off our old HTC Hero in anticipation of success.