This isn’t the first time Google has discussed its intentions to build out a ridiculously fast 1Gbps broadband network, but it looks like its ultra high-speed efforts are finally set to materialize. The Internet giant announced Thursday that it reached an agreement with Stanford University to build an experimental network for approximately 850 homes on the campus’ Residential Subdivision. Google plans to begin building the broadband network early next year. Stanford’s upcoming high speed network is clarified to be completely separate from the “Fiber for Communities” project Google announced earlier this year. While Google’s community effort is still in the planning stages, it looks as though Stanford will be the company’s opportunity to show the world what a 1Gbps residential network can do. The next due date for Stanford University’s early action admissions is November 15th, so you’ll have plenty of time to get in good with faculty living in the school’s Residential Subdivision before Google-net is built out.