Oh, how things have changed since 2003. The Hitachi SH-G1000 Pocket PC — also known as the largest Pocket PC in history (we’re probably stretching, but still) — was one of the first Pocket PC devices we owned. Why did we buy it? Well, if we remember correctly, it was one of the first Pocket PCs to use cellular data (it used Sprint’s 1xRTT network for data), and this enabled us to constantly use AIM, send email, and use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer; it also took our pretentious-douche-factor to new heights when we used it in our local Starbucks. You didn’t need a stylus to type on the G1000 as it had a portrait, full-QWERTY keyboard built-in. As an added bonus, there was a rotatable camera, 400 MHz CPU, and 32 MB of RAM. While the device was not “pocketable,” the battery life was impressive; clocking in at over a day of average use, possibly two. The device retailed for $649 on Sprint. Anybody ever own one of these monsters?

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