Mexican technology site canal-mx is reporting that Apple will be reengineering its iPhone 4 antenna design and that the redesigned handsets will be available after September 30th. The news comes courtesy of Marco Quatorze, Tecel’s Director of Value Added Services. Telcel recently began offering the iPhone 4 to its customers and Mr. Quatorze was on the record when he explained that his company would have the same version of the iPhone 4 that is sold in the U.S.; complete with antenna attenuation issues. He noted that Telcel’s customers would be eligible for a free case until September 30. Quatorze then stated that after the 30th a new revision of the iPhone 4, with some sort of internal antenna fix, would be made available by Apple. The news, if true, certainly will rekindle the antenna-gate talks, lawsuits, and comment flame wars that — to be totally honest — we haven’t really missed all that much. We’ve reached out to Apple for comment and will update the article if we receive a response.

[Via MacRumors]