Alright guys, we finally have a BlackBerry Torch 9800 in hand, before launch date, and we figured we’d do the second honors on your behalf. We have chimed in with our first-hand impressions of the new BlackBerry, but now that we have a unit in front of us again, here are a couple more quick thoughts:

  • Again, the device is really solid. Construction seems high quality, though there is obviously a “plastic” feel as opposed to something more luxurious. Like metal (aluminum, stainless steel). The rubberized back battery cover, while kind of scares me at first, feels really good when you hold the phone. It’s not overly rubbery, it is something that will probably save many Torch owners from flinging the device out of their palm while carrying it around.
  • The screen is depressing. I personally think at this point in time, there is no excuse. It instantly makes the phone not feel competitive, and doesn’t encourage you to use the phone. In fact, it makes me not even want to use the device. Not sitting next an iPhone 4 and a DROID X — no way.
  • Love the keyboard. I’m already able to bang out my 80 WPM emails (most likely ones yelling at Andrew).
  • Will reserve full thoughts on the OS and UI for our review, but the phone really does feel a bit busy as I mentioned earlier. One of BlackBerry’s strengths has been providing users with that “always connected” feel, but I really think they might have taken it too far with the BlackBerry 6 OS.

While we put together the full review, we have to ask — who’s getting one, and who’s passing?

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