Facebook’s privacy woes continue with a class action lawsuit that target’s the social network’s privacy policy and how it handles user data. The lawsuit was filed by Canadian law firm Merchant Law Group LL on behalf of Donald J. Woligroski and other class members. The suit accuses Facebook of misrepresenting its privacy policy and deliberately using Woligroski’s personal information for its own commercial gain by stating:

“Facebook has demonstrated and taken a cavalier and arbitrary approach with respect to its legal obligations to the plaintiff and class members and the methods by which Facebook misrepresented to its profit, its privacy policies and how Facebook would share, use and disseminate the personal information of the plaintiff and class action members.”

As expected, Facebook dismissed the lawsuit as having no merit and will fight it in court. Since the lawsuit does have class action status, it presumably extends to all Canadian Facebookers. Anyone north of the border going to try and put the screws to Facebook by jumping on board this suit?