Google likes to keep a close eye on what percentage of its mobile OS, by version number, is out in the wild. Google accomplishes this chore by polling Android devices that check-in to Google’s Market application; they then publish a bi-weekly report to developers. Today, the latest report was published, and it looks like Android 2.1 has hit the 50% mark for worldwide Android handsets saturation. The platform breakdown looks like this: Android 2.1 – 50.0%, Android 2.01 – 0.3%, Android 2.0 – 0.1%, Android 1.6 – 25.0%, Android 1.5 – 24.6%, Android 1.1 – 0.1%. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, we see the number of 1.5 and 1.6 instances go down and the number of 2.1 and 2.2 instances go up. How about it Android Nation, what handset are you rocking and what OS version are you running?

[Via Into Mobile]