Moments ago, during Verizon Wireless’ “700MHz LTE Device Specifications Webcast” VZW reaffirmed that their LTE rollout is on time and on schedule. Verizon plans to launch LTE in 25 to 30 markets by the end of this year, which Big Red states will cover roughly one-third of the U.S. population. The company also reiterated that by 2013 the LTE coverage map will meet, and in all likelihood surpass, the current 3G coverage map. Verizon also reviewed some of the tests they are  putting the LTE standard though, some of which include SMS-over-LTE and CDMA-to-LTE handoffs. There was no mention of when LTE enabled handsets will start flowing into the marketplace, but having a capable, tested network in place for when that time does come sounds like a great idea to us.