We just got back from Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G event in NYC, and besides messing around with the device and seeing it for the second time first hand, we finally got a release date and price. As reported earlier, you’ll be able to get Android’s finest for $199 with a new two year agreement on June 4th. To recap the new data pricing, Sprint’s adding a $10 “4G” add-on feature to their $69.99 unlimited voice, data, and SMS package. Tethering (mobile hotspot) will run you an additional $29.99 monthly. All in, it tops out at $109.98 — still a pretty good deal if you think about it, especially considering the handset will support up to 8 simultaneous devices and even better, there’s no bandwidth cap at all. Check out our awesome gallery from the event complete with some HTC EVO 4G hotness sprinkled in.

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