It has been a fun ride watching Asus’ EEE keyboard move from official debut at CES 2009 to rumored launch #1rumored launch #2, and finally rumored launch #3, the point at which we stopped following the pseduo-launches of this vaporware innovative product. When it seems the sleek and sexy accessory was finally disappearing into the proverbial sunset, the EEE keyboard rises again and hits the rumor mill with yet another rumored launch date, an official product page at Amazon, and a wallet-busting pre-order price tag of $599. Though the official Amazon product page does not specify a shipping date, a hands-on video courtesy of Netbook News suggests the netbook-equipped Asus EEE Keyboard may start shipping as soon as April 23rd. Anyone willing to gamble six Benjamins on an EEE Keyboard that may arrive on your doorstep as early as next week?

[Via netbooked]