Processor manufacturers AMD and Intel are updating their desktop processor lineups, and they will be bringing 6-core number-smashing goodness, as well as a few low wattage options, to a CPU near you. DigiTimes has a source on record claiming: “Intel will soon launch its 32nm high-end dual-core Core i5-680 with price of US$284 and will replace the existing Core i5-670; and 45nm low-voltage Core i7-870s with a price of US$560 and a power consumption of 82W.” Their connect goes onto detail some of AMD’s future plans: “AMD will launch several six-core Phenom II processors in the second quarter including X6 1035T (2.6GHz/95W), X6 1055T (2.8GHz/95W) and X6 1075T (3.0GHz/125W).” No prices were leaked by the DigiTimes source for the AMD hardware, but they went on to list a plethora of Phenom and Athalon models and prospective release dates.