DigiTimes has dug up an article featured in the Chinese newspaper Economic Daily News claiming that HTC has starting shipping the Nexus One to Verizon Wireless. The article goes on to say the N1 CDMA-variant will begin being marketed by Big Red this month with a release likely in April. Our take? What we’ve said and heard all along: the Google Nexus One will be sold exclusively through Google’s online phone store, while HTC Sense variants will make their way into carrier’s stores and marketing plans. That means, to be very clear, Google will sell the exact same version (specs and all) of the existing Nexus One with Verizon Wireless CDMA support, in the exact same way they currently sell the T-Mobile GSM variant. If HTC is shipping anything to Verizon, it’s most likely the HTC-branded Incredible (with HTC Sense UI); the Verizon-compatible Nexus One is, in all likelihood, being shipped to Google’s distribution partner Brightpoint.