It is pretty indicative of the shape Sprint is in when reporting a net loss of $980 million and 69,000 net retail subscribers is considered an improvement. The number three carrier in the U.S. lost $0.34 per share — $0.23 per share when you factor out $306 million in deferred taxes — which did not meet Wall Street expectations of a $0.19 loss per share. It wasn’t all bad though; fourth quarter churn was 2.11%, down from 2.16% year-over-year, and free cash flow was up at $666 million for the quarter. Here are a few other numbers from Sprint’s earnings call yesterday: average revenue per user $55, down $1 YOY, pre-paid churn was 5.56%, down from 8.1% the year prior, and $427 million was spent on capital expenditures, up from $304 million last year.