Intel announced forth quarter earnings, and, to put it mildly, they killed it. Intel posted a net income of $2.3 billion dollars, which is up $2 billion from last year, or, for those PR junkies that like shocking statics, up 875% YOY. Intel’s earnings per share growth was also impressive, the chip giant posted an EPS of $0.40, up $0.36 from the previous year. Now, last year at this time our economy was in a shame spiral recession period of stagnant growth, however the vitals coming out of Intel are still very, very impressive:

•    Revenue $10.6 Billion, up $2.3 Billion and 28% Year-over-Year
•    Record Gross Margin of 65%, up 12 Points Year-over-Year
•    Operating Income $2.5 Billion, up $958 Million and 62% Year-over-Year
•    Net Income $2.3 Billion, up $2.0 Billion and 875% Year-over-Year
•    EPS $0.40, up $0.36 Year-over-Year