Not exactly the most surprising news, but in short, the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus got official moments ago, with Verizon Wireless signing on to carry both devices (at a rumored 200,000 initial units each) starting January 25th. Pricing was not announced. In addition to the two refreshed devices, which add more memory, a refined and refreshed look as well as Wi-Fi on the Pixi, Palm also announced some SDK improvements. First off, there’s a new PDK (plug-in development kit) that will allow game developers to start making great 3D games, and starting today, you’ll see games start appearing in the App Catalog from publishers like EA Mobile.

Switching gears, Palm also said that Flash support via a plugin would be appearing shortly in the App Catalog and there are more goodies like video recording (with Apple-stolen) video editing capabilities, and additional sharing functionality. Thoughts?