As is well known, Sprint and Clearwire are slowly pushing forward on their ever expanding 4G network. Mirroring a report from back in June of this year, Sprint is once again said to be working on a WiMAX-enabled smartphone that will support both 4G and 3G connectivity. Just as current CDMA mobile phones switch switch between 1xRTT and EV-DO, the new handset will manage WiMAX and EV-DO signals in a similar manner. The big question is not whether or not Sprint will make such a smartphone, but which OS will this new handset run? Analysts suggest that Android will the platform of choice with Samsung as the manufacturer supplying the necessary hardware. This rumored 4G/3G smartphone will reportedly launch when Clearwire reaches the 100 million subscriber mark in the US, a goal expected to be achieved towards the end of 2010.