It’s always annoying when products get over-hyped by marketing agencies, but we suppose they wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t go overboard. Case in point: Sony Ericsson’s upcoming ‘Put your ears in control’ event. Peculiar sentence structure aside, a new SE microsite invites us all to “Come back here on the 21st of September to see how the way you listen to music changes forever.” Fair enough. The webcast registration page refers to a “ground-breaking new product” that will be demoed live, meaning it looks like this is a product-based announcement as opposed to some new service the JV has cooked up. So is Sony Ericsson going to change the way we listen to music forever on Monday? We highly, highly doubt that. Sony Ericsson has always done a bang up job where music is concerned though, so at the very least we hope the company announces something interesting and unique. Of note, the seldom-wrong Eldar Murtazin saysSE Headset for Sept, 21 isnt so great, turn on music/radio when you wear it, nice but so niche. Could put review now, but let them announce.”