What better way to get our attention early on a Thursday morning that with a press non-release? LG has announced that it will take the wraps off of three upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5-powered Windows Phones in the coming weeks and that 10 more will be made available throughout 2010. An attempt to cut leaks off at the pass? An open invitation for bloggers to start digging for dirt? The thing is, the GW550 and the caption about it being one of the first three to drop, we have no idea what we’re in for. Of course, seeing as the GW550 is already known to us as a Windows Mobile 6.1 device, we can’t help but think we may see more shenanigans that involve claiming a phone with an updated OS is as good as new. Still, we’re definitely looking forward to having LG tells us just what the full-touchscreen handset and QWERTY slider that will join the GW550 are all about. So, LG… Make with the goods!