i.TV, as we’re sure most iPhone owners out there are well aware, is the premier app for all things TV and Movie-related. Think if it as your one-stop-shop for TV programming schedules, community-sourced reviews, local movie schedules, ticket purchasing, streaming trailers, Netflix queue management and so on. Oh yeah, and it’s free. The company just announced a new upcoming version this morning, version 2.0, and it brings with it a bunch of exciting new stuff including:

  • New, streamlined UI
  • iTunes integration — Initiate available episode/movie/podcast purchases from within the app
  • Push notifications — Push alerts for upcoming show reminders, new episodes, etc
  • Introduction of the i.TV Remote Control Framework — New support for universal remotes. Devices can be connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or dock-connector. The new version currently supports TiVo HD and TiVO HD XL boxes but more devices are on the way.

We’ve been playing with the new version for a couple of weeks now and in short, it’s awesome. i.TV is pushing to become the beginning and end of all things entertainment and so far the company is doing a bang up job. Look for version 2.0 to pop up in the App Store soon (currently pending approval) and hit the jump for quick video overview of the new features.