After what was a pretty terrible June for the video game industry, Nintendo looked to July’s highly anticipated Wii Sports Resort release to revitalize casual gamers — and their wallets — and reverse the steep slide the company saw at the start of summer. Fast forward: It did. Nintendo announced this past week that the sequel to its ever-popular Wii Sports title sold over 500,000 titles during its first week of availability beginning July 26th. For those keeping score, that’s about one copy sold every 1.5 seconds. At $50 a pop, it’s also about $25 million in gross revenue. Wii Sports Resort packages 12 mini games onto one disc and includes a MotionPlus accessory, which “brings unmatched accuracy to games that have been specially designed for it.” In other words, it improves upon the revolutionary concept popularized by the standard Wii controller and makes it much more accurate. So, did anyone pick up a copy of Sports Resort this past week or are you all still too busy drooling over preview videos of Project Natal?