While it’s not the most exciting handset in AT&T’s portfolio, Sammy and AT&T have just made the Solstice official. We scooped it like tasty Jello pudding earlier this week and the details were spot on. Starting with the “full 3.0 touch screen”, by which we’re sure Samsung means 3-inch touch screen, the Solstice features Sammy’s TouchWiz UI over a quad-band GSM/dual-band 3G radio, 2 megapixel camera sans-flash, haptic feedback, aGPS, accelerometer and a fairly generous service of standard mid-range features and functionality. As we told you on Tuesday, the Solstice will hit stores/web on Sunday, August 2nd for $99.99 after MIR on a 2-year contract. We would like to have seen a slightly better camera in this little guy but once the early adopter tax is lifted, it won’t be a bad deal at all.