Hooray for non-information! Hunting for trademarks is the latest trend in terms of ongoing efforts to prowl on handset manufacturers and dig up any possible bit of minutiae related to unannounced handsets. It’s a double-edged sword, really — awesome, so now we know that some day HTC may release handsets dubbed Vigor, Dawn, Imagio, Interlude and/or Tattoo. We still know nothing about any of these potential powerhouses beyond a few assumptions: A) Based on DigiTimes’ assertion, two and a half of these five handsets will run Android. B) The like-named audio snippet peddler IMAGIO will likely be unhappy if HTC releases a handset called Imagio because its Google cred will tank. C) The Tattoo will probably have some kind of atrocious pattern covering its case, or at least its battery cover. D) Many, many people with too much time on their hands will use these potential handset names as keywords when trying to dig up info on unannounced HTC kit. E) Interlude is a terrible name for a handset — unless it runs Windows Mobile 6.5 because then it will in fact just be an interlude.

Thanks, origins81!

[Via youhtc]

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