From the moment we first caught a glimpse of it to the day it was announced some nine months later, we always felt LG would have no trouble hawiking Cookies. Today the South Korean company confirmed our suspicions and announced that over 5 million of the devices have been sold. It’s a very impressive feat to sell five million devices, but LG Mobile Communications President and CEO Skott Ahn thinks the device also known as the KP500 has yet to fully reach its potential:

Achieving five million units in sales in only nine months is proof that we’re on track with our goal to make Cookie a phone that’s loved by everyone. Our strategy to provide a full touch screen phone at an affordable price has succeeded beyond our original expectations. If the current trend continues, we expect to see Cookie hit sales of 10 million by the end of this year.

So what does the class think about the Cookie reaching the 10 million sold mark; a realistic and achievable goal or insincere corporate bravado?