U.S. Cellular subscribers have plenty to be excited about this morning as we’re pointed to a brand new rebate sheet about to take affect. In short, your current hit or miss selection of handsets is about to get a whole lot more hit and a whole lot less miss. Highlights:

  • HTC Touch Pro2
  • Blackberry Tour
  • HTC Snap
  • Motorola W845
  • Motorola Crush
  • LG UX310 (replaces the UX300)
  • LG UX700

We already scooped the UX700 back in June but the highlights here have to be the always-sexy HTC Touch Pro2 and the ever-popular BlackBerry Tour 9630. As for when all these new phones might drop, we all know that a rebate sheet is hardly a solid time line — especially considering the validity period of this particular rebate sheet is 07/17/2009 – 11/12/2009. Unfortunately the only safe bet is to say all these handsets will be on store shelves at some point before the holidays. Hit the jump to check out the sheet in its entirety.

Thanks, TW!