As the flurry of tween phones continues to do anything but bowl us over, the upcoming Samsung Comeback is one of the more interesting of the bunch no doubt. Its specs were finally revealed yesterday and while the colorful handset is hardly drool-worthy, the younger message hungry crowd can definitely look forward to checking it out. Maybe. Word just came in from one of our ninjas and it looks like T-Mobile’s upcoming QWERTY flip is going to price itself right out of contention for many — $129.99 after $50 mail-in rebate with a 2-year contract and a Data or Messaging Bundle. Really? The 1-year contract price is set at $179.99 after rebate and $249.99 will let you walk away contract-free. Sure we’re looking at a pretty decent 3G QWERTY handset here but $129.99 is just $20 shy of what T-Mobile wants for a G1. Hmm. Hit the jump for a bigger shot of the price sheet.