Despite being among the more capable handsets currently offered to T-Mobile subscribers, it looks as though Tmo is already planning the Samsung Behold’s funeral. Having made its debut this past holiday season, the Behold is among a handful of AWS rocking handsets T-Moblers in 3G-covered regions have to choose from. Be careful when making that choice however, as the Behold’s successor is already waiting in the wings ready to make you sorry you didn’t hold out a while longer. Specs and release info for the SGH-T939 Behold2 are still unknown but it’s clearly safe to say it will sport Wi-Fi (b and g) considering it just passed Wi-Fi Alliance testing with certification in tow. We can also bank on a nice big touchscreen, 3G and a 5+ megapixel camera of course. The rest is still a mystery but expect this little guy to come out of hiding in time for the holidays this year.

UPDATE: It looks like the T939 might be a bit more interesting than we first suspected. According to an unearthed XML device profile, this little guy looks to be sporting Android.

[Via Cellpassion]

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