Despite the fact that there’s still plenty of Summer left to be enjoyed, companies just love reminding students that another semester/school year is waiting around the corner. Sure back-to-school deals are nice but it might have been nicer to keep school out of sight, out of mind for a bit longer. The most recent Summer buzzkill notable promotion comes by way of Alltel and is available to the 91 divested markets not controlled by Verizon Wireless. In Alltel’s words: “New and existing Alltel Wireless customers with “My Circle” plans, Smart Choice Packs, and Bundled Wireless Internet plans can add up to four lines to their primary account, with a $25 activation fee per line, and receive three months of free service on those new lines.” So parents, if you’re finally getting around to adding a few new lines for your rugrats this is definitely a nice little perk to sweeten the deal. Alltel’s back-to-school promo runs now through September 10th — more than enough time to mull it over.

[Via Phone Scoop]