Following some big announcements from Europe earlier this week, it looks like Palm Pre owners on this side of the pond have some good news to look forward to as well. Word on the street suggests that Palm is prepping to unwrap webOS 1.1 within a month or so and the focus will be better positioning in the enterprise market by way of Exchange Active Sync enhancements and improved security. Rumored updates include:

  • IT-initiated remote wipe
  • Required PIN
  • PIN complexity (numeric or alphanumeric)
  • Device wipe after a certain number of failed PIN attempts
  • Auto-lock after X minutes of inactivity
  • Improved digital certificates

The Pre may also receive a number of new applications to coincide with webOS 1.1 hitting the scene, though it is unclear whether these new apps will be Palm-built or third-party additions to the App Catalog. So what say you, Pre owners — looking forward to the update or are there other features Palm appears to be holding off on that you’re waiting for?