Sure it hit the street less than a month ago but that’s plenty of time to rope in the early adopters when it comes to hot new high-end handsets. As such, has just dropped the price on Nokia’s new flagship handset to $599.99 with free shipping; still a bit high for some but definitely inching closer to attainability. While this isn’t the best advertised price we’ve seen thus far for the Nokia N97 — Nokia USA had it on sale for $594 late last month — it is the lowest total price including taxes so far. Any takers?

Also of note: dropped the price of the N79 to $300 lining it up with the 5800XM and E71, and the N85 is currently listed at $330. All are unlocked of course, including the N97, and waiting for your SIM card of choice.

[Via Symbian-Guru]