If you’re a Gmail user with a BlackBerry this is going to be a proud moment for you, no question. It’s ok to admit it — we’ve all shed a tear or two when thinking about just how poor Gmail integration is on the BlackBerry platform. Read status doesn’t sync, no access to folders/tags and so on. Dry those eyes though, BlackBerry fans, because it looks like RIM is finally planning to start cooking with gas. Rumor has it the Canadian company is hard at work on an “Enhanced Gmail Plug-in” that will add various functionality to Gmail integration. Rumored functions include:

  • See your Gmail based emails in Conversation View for simple topic management
  • Add and remove labels and stars to emails to keep inbox organized
  • Archive and report as spam actions for mailbox management on the go
  • Search your entire Gmail inbox

The plug-in is being beta tested right now internally and amongst a lucky few outside the company. Mmmmm.

[Via BerryReview]