Following AT&T’s recent and repeated claim that it is on schedule with a 3G femtocell solution to be released before the year is out, Sprint’s VP of device and technology development Mathew Oommen has officially thrown down the gauntlet:

Just like Sprint was the first with 2G, we’ll definitely be the first in the 3G space as well. We’re not talking about trials; we’re talking about full commercial service.

Pow… Take that, AT&T. For those unfamiliar with the technology, a femtocell is basically a small base station that provides a bridge between cellular and wired broadband connections. Long story short: It’s your own personal cell tower. Sprint’s Airave was indeed the first 2G femtocell to hit the scene and according to Oommen, Sprint’s 3G offering will follow suit. What’s more, Sprint is apparently prepping both a consumer solution and an enterprise solution. EV-DO Rev. A femtocells at home and at the office? Mmmm.

[Via Phone Arena]