Mozilla had made it known that today would be Firefox 3.5 day and it’s a good thing — if you’re like us, you just can’t take the wait anymore. Rejoice! Mozilla has officially made Firefox 3.5 Final available in all of its speedy, tab tearing, private browsing, Javascript gobbling, plugin-less video playing glory. Release notes aren’t yet available but the download link is live and the new build is fantastic… So, umm, what are you waiting for?

UPDATE: Just a word of warning — we’re getting reports from several Mac users that 3.5 has issues with restoring sessions/tabs after exiting and reopening the browser. By issues, we mean it doesn’t work. Windows users are seemingly not affected.

UPDATE 2: If you’re having the problem mentioned above, go to Firefox > Preferences > Privacy [tab]. If “Clear history when Firefox closes” is checked, click on Settings and uncheck “Browsing History”.