We just got some hands on time with the now infamous BlackBerry 8520 (code-named Gemini). Optical trackball? Ooooh yeah. While there hasn’t been too much time to play with them, early impressions are definitely fitting in with what CrackBerry reported; real solid feel and the optical trackball is awesome and makes your brand new BlackBerry feel outdated. Literally. It makes what you have feel primitive. We’ve been able to confirm the handset is going to hit T-Mobile USA in Q4 of this year, obviously don’t have a price yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see this device hit one of those “BlackBerry In A Box” thingamajigs. It’s definitely aimed at the low-cost/emerging market segment, so it’s a bit odd T-Mobile USA will carry it out the gate, but hey, the more BlackBerry users the better, right?

Thanks, Brian!