Uh oh. The often accurate Carphone Warehouse has just updated its site to include the LG GD900, tagged as the GD900 Crystal, complete with an expected arrival time frame in mid-May. Yeah, we’re excited. While LG hasn’t yet announced an official release date for any region, we can only hope that other areas are slated for around the same — though we doubt any US availability would fall into that time frame. As you might recall from our brief but entrancing encounter with this sexy little piece of kit, the GD900 is the world’s first handset to feature an illuminated transparent keypad with multitouch gesture support. Coupled with LG’s new S-Class UI under a nice bright touchscreen display, we can’t get our hands on it quickly enough. Everything else — like the slim form and class-topping 8 megapixel camera — is just gravy.

[Via T3]