Recession be damned — it looks like Oracle will still manage to scrounge up enough cash to take Sun Microsystems off the table. Early last month IBM withdrew its $7.5 billion acquisition offer and as most people presumed, Sun was probably kicking itself. All is hardly lost however, as Oracle has nearly matched the offer and Sun won’t be making the same mistake twice. While it’s not a done deal until the papers are signed and the lawyers take their cut, Oracle has agreed to the $7.4 billion acquisition agreement which amounts to about $5.6 billion net of Sun’s cash and debt. According to Sun, the deal is expected to add approximately $1.5 billion to Oracle’s operating profit in the first year and around $2 billion in year two. Oracle recorded $17.8 billion in software sales last year and with Sun’s resources and product line at its disposal, expect that figure to balloon in spite of harsh economic times.