That’s right fellas, dump that inventory! With new iPhone models right around the corner, AT&T and Apple have been doing everything they can to move current stock. Back in March we scooped $150 refurbished 16GB iPhone 3Gs hitting various regional stores and this time around it looks like AT&T means business. It is now offering the refurbished 16GB model in both black and white in the online AT&T store, meaning anyone and everyone willing to sign on the dotted line of a new 2-year contract can snag one. There is a limited of one purchase per household however, and the new line or new customer stipulation may apply — meaning you might not be able to renew your current contract and get the $150 price. So, as long as you don’t mind a factory refresh and maybe a tiny scuff here and there — and you aren’t planning to wait for the new iPhones to drop — this might just be the deal for you.

Thanks, Tyrone!