Today is apparently your day, Android fans. First we broke word of Cupcake’s less-than-official availability and now some possible info regarding a trio of new Android handsets is trickling in. Citing “a credible source”, a sister site to the reliable Phone Arena blog reports that Samsung has plans to introduce three Android handsets in the European market this year. It is still not yet confirmed whether one of them will be the S8000 pictured above as recent rumors suggest, but word is the first one — which we already have some details on — will be released as early as June. Considering Samsung’s love of full touchscreens, we would imagine at least one if not all of the handsets it has planned will sport the popular form factor. This also means Samsung will need Android 1.5 to get official before it can even think about shipping anything — if it wants users to have access to a virtual keyboard, that is — so June sounds pretty reasonable to us. As far as which if any of these handsets might make it to the US and when, we’re afraid we’ll all have to wait a bit longer for those details to emerge.