To say that a new iPhone is not on its way is like saying Glenn Beck isn’t messed in the head, and the fact that Canada’s Fido is now offering “refreshed” iPhone 3G’s to clean house is yet another piece of supporting evidence. Refreshed? Yes, refreshed. Essentially, a refreshed iPhone 3G was purchased by someone who returned it before 15 days or 30 minutes of talk time — which differs from “refurbished”, e.g. a phone that got stepped on at a kegger and had a few parts replaced by Apple. The savings on a refreshed iPhone 3G are not much to fawn over at $50, making the 8GB $149.99 and the 16GB $249.99. Warranties on refreshed units are curtailed by six months as well, but it’s not like that’s going to stop a fickle consumer from getting his/her refresh on.