Tucked away in the giant Ericsson booth at this year’s show was a tiny little two-sided Sony Ericsson display showcasing a handful of handsets and accessories. With the difficult time the JV is having these days, it’s no surprise that SE didn’t make much of a showing at CTIA. All the same, we wanted to give them a little love and check out the newly announced T707 — Sony Ericsson’s latest clam shell feature phone. While the handset definitely has a nice size and feel to it, there really isn’t anything new or exciting to be said about the T707. Same old UI, same old specs, new package. We wish there was something about the T707 worth more attention but truth be told, we can’t think of anything. The hidden LED display on the cover maybe? The 3.2 megapixel camera? Nope, without Maria Sharapova standing next to it we’ve got nothing. Hit the jump for more images of the T707, sans-Sharapova, along with a few Bluetooth watches (not watch phones, watches) Sony Ericsson had on display.


MBW-150 Bluetooth Watch:

MBW-200 Bluetooth Watch: