Motorola had plenty of handsets and accessories on display this year but the one that caught our eye, aside from the Evoke of course, was the MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth stereo headset. Think of this headset as the S9-HD’s first cousin — Moto basically wanted an over-ear option for its customers with pricing and functionality that would position it well along side the in-ear S9 headset. The over-ear design also allows Moto to spread device controls out and really removes the need to ever touch your handset while listening to music. Power, rewind, fast forward, play/pause and a volume rocker are all spread across the right ear piece along with a send/end button and a mic; yep, the S305 is equipped to handle all of your Bluetooth calling needs to avoid the need to fumble for your phone when a call comes in. As far as sound goes, it’s difficult to judge the audio quality while standing in the middle of the CTIA show floor. The music we sampled sounded pretty clear and bright though, and the volume definitely gets loud enough to drown out most surrounding noise. Pricing for the ROKR S305 stereo headset will be between $40 – $70 and it is already shipping to distributors around the country. Hit the jump for more hands on images.